BARTweb contact page

BARTweb performs BART, is a bioinformatics tool for predicting functional transcriptional regulators (TRs) that bind at genomic cis-regulatory regions to regulate gene expression in the human or mouse genomes, given a query gene set or a ChIP-seq dataset as input. BART leverages over 7,000 human TR binding profiles and over 5,000 mouse TR binding profiles from the public domain (collected in Cistrome Data Browser) to make the prediction.

BART is implemented in Python and distributed as an open-source package along with necessary data libraries. BART package is also available on Github.

BART and BARTweb is developed and maintained by the Chongzhi Zang Lab at the University of Virginia.

If you have any questions regarding your job status, please contact Dr. Zhenjia Wang ( or Dr. Chongzhi Zang (